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Stretch film type

stretch film according to the winding way can be divided into 2 type.hand roll  and machine roll, machine with wrap film tensile strength, puncture resistance to be higher than the hand wrap film, in the production process parameters should be set separately.  

Production of premium stretch film, stretch wrap film, the width of the 25 cm to 100 cm, the thickness of the 15 um ~ 35 um, organic with hand stretch film and stretch film two categories, is a high quality based on the material of LLDPE, the other with excellent tackifier, after heating, squeezing, stretch film, cooling, and then through the chill roll has a strong toughness, high elasticity, laceration resistant, high viscosity, thin thickness, cold resistant, heat resistant, high voltage, dustproof, waterproof, a single stick and double-sided adhesive, etc, is glass ceramic, tire rubber, drip irrigation belt, cartons, cans, aluminium profile, forage products such as choice of transport packaging.It is widely used in packing and transportation of goods, saving the space of cargo transportation, and facilitating the packing and transportation of your products.

Stretch film:

Width: 25cm;50 cm;Thickness of 75cm: 25~30um;

Single volume weight: 15kg/ roll, 25kg/ roll 

Color:Transparent, milky white, blue etc.